Who We Are


El Paso Integral Care (EPIC) is a physician-owned Independent Physician Association. Located in El Paso, TX. The newly-formed IPA brings together 20 primary care doctors and access to dozens of specialists. EPIC is the only locally-owned IPA in El Paso with physician investors in El Paso.

EPIC prides itself on its engaged physicians and unique model that encourages physicians to work together to improve overall patient care. This is achieved through evidence-based medicine, sharing of best practices, data sharing, and peer evaluation. Additionally, EPIC physicians communicate to ensure that, when possible, a team of connected physicians who have a full picture of the patient's health surrounds each patient. To maintain a high level of quality patient care, physicians are regularly evaluated with a set of pre-determined measures.

EPIC currently cares for close to 2,000 El Paso area seniors through its collaborative relationship with Cigna Medicare Advantage in partnership with its local management company, CareAllies. EPIC emphasizes preventive care, data sharing, and population health management. All of which help EPIC operate effectively and efficiently. EPIC is actively working to open doors to more patients and health plan partners as part of its growth initiative.

What is Our Vision?

To be the premier independent physician association (IPA) in Texas.

Our Mission

To provide health care excellence to our patients by utilizing our medical skills, to lessen the afflictions common to mankind, provide compassionate care, and restore health & vitality.

What We Stand For

To provide healthcare excellence using our medical skills to lessen the afflictions common to mankind by compassionately restoring and mending broken, hurting lives.

What Makes EPIC IPA Unique?

By being the largest IPA with the broadest geographic coverage in El Paso, EPIC can offer more choices and convenience to patients.

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